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Design services

Do you have trouble visualizing what the possibilities are for your kitchen?  Have you been into a building supply store to make a couple choices, and found yourself completely lost?  Do you have a style you want to achieve, but not sure how to get there?  Let Green City help you achieve a gorgeous space that you proudly call home! 

There are so many details and choices to be made in a kitchen and bathroom space.  They are by far, the rooms with the most value and complications!  Good design makes the biggest impact in these rooms because it's not just about how it looks, but also how the space works for your family.  Is it easy to clean?  Is your flooring choice in the bathroom slip resistant?  Have you considered a curbless shower for aging parents that come to visit?  The details are important.  

By asking a lot of questions, listening even more, and observing the style choices you've already made, I can help you choose paint color, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, tile and flooring that works for your family, looks good, and feels fabulous!

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