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Remodeling 101: How to be on-trend without being trendy.

It's not a coincidence that many amazing interior designers were once in the fashion industry (Leanne Ford). And for this blog post, many of the principles we'll discuss in choosing plumbing fixtures and backsplash, can be used for your closet too (you're welcome). With so many pins on Pinterest and shows on HGTV, how do we know what we're choosing will stand the test of time, or will it scream, "that's so 2020!" in five years? Is anyone still freaked out it's 2020? Anyway, here are some principles to guide you as you fearlessly make choices for your next remodel project:

1) Hire a designer (like Green City:).

You had to know that was coming. Designers see things come and go constantly. They are also pros at establishing and implementing the next few principles we're going to discuss.

Designer and client discussing options.
An experienced designer can help you make choices that will stand the test of time!

2) Making a statement.

This is not something I'm against, but it is something that can get you into the trendy zone quick. Let me give you an want a showpiece, something no one else has in their bathroom. So, you choose a beautiful vessel sink with a distinct shape and dramatic colors. That's where things can get tricky. This may stand the test of time and be beautiful, but so many of our choices are affected by what we see in advertising. It may be that this piece isn't as unique as you think, but rather a trendy trinket you'll want to rip out in 5 years. Classic and neutral can be the way to go if you're unsure whether an important element of your room needs to stay in style. It's a lot cheaper to change wall colors, towels, and pictures on the wall than it is to rip out sinks.

3) Play with the classics.

So subway it trendy? Has it already gone out of style? The answer is no! to both of those questions, and part of the reason is that it's been around forever! It's a classic. Don't feel like I'm relegating you to a subway-only existence. Learn how to take the classics and play with them. First of all, there is are unending ways to lay subway tiles. Just type in 'subway tile patterns' into pinterest...see what I'm talking about? Choosing an uncommon pattern or color of subway tile can differentiate you, while at the same time keep a classic edge to stand the test of time. Another play on a subway tile, is the elongated hex. This is a newer, stylish shape that nods to the classics.

elongated hex backsplash
This updated kitchen is up-to-date and stylish without being overly trendy.

4) Neutralize the situation.

Just like staying with classics can keep you in the long-haul of style, so can keeping your palette neutral. I had this experience when I went over to a friend's house in the '90s. I walked into their sunken living room and saw a completely white room. All the wood was white-washed, the upholstery was a creamy white, and even the carpet (no-shoes policy required). The room had style. And it didn't matter that the shapes were stuck in the '80s, the overall style was not. Now, this can be a little tricky too. We all know we're not fond of the beige travertines and granites that used to rock our worlds. The answer is that the more neutral those travertines and granites, the better. The cleaner, the better. Less contrast, more longevity. Again, I'm not encouraging you to make everything light gray, but if you're choosing between a veined, high contrast countertop, versus a more neutral, goes-with-everything version, go neutral. It will serve you well. Dynamics can be brought into the space in other ways. Black, greys, taupes, greens, blues...these are all colors of the earth, sky and sea. They can all serve as neutrals.

Using these principles you can weed out the things that aren't going to last. If you still need help? Send Green City an email! We'd love to help!

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