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The BIG Picture

When you're spending $30,000 - $100,000 remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, you want to love EVERY SINGLE THING that is going into that space. It's a huge investment (a huge investment with big payoffs), but it can be hard to commit to the final choices. For some of my clients, when I show them the overall design inspiration, they can easily pull the trigger. For others, making that final decision is very hard. They start to compare the individual elements to other things they have seen online or in showrooms. Perhaps you went into a showroom and saw a beautiful mosaic tile backsplash with black cabinets that wowed you. Or maybe it was a high-contrast, marble bathroom tile in your favorite issue of MAGNOLIA. Whatever the case, remember that these individual elements can look amazing in one space, and not so amazing in another. Lighting, overall style, and dimensions of the house can heavily impact these choices.

There is something else to consider: If every element in your space is chosen because of its star quality, there might be too many stars in the show. You have to decide what gets the lead role and what will be the support cast. When you or your designer choose elements for a space, the big picture has to be in focus. Only then, can the show go on (are you loving the show business metaphors as much as me?!).

If you have trouble visualizing it all, call a designer to help you navigate choices that will lead you to a stunning space. In the end, bad design choices can be much more expensive.

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